Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 12:49

My husband has always considered himself a modern, renaissance man with a heavy touch of old school respectful values.  He is open minded when it comes to music and design and follows along as I try to explain what an artist was expressing in an art gallery. But as modern and upbeat as he seems to be, there are things that he carried forward from growing up and one of them is his preference for a comfortable reclining chair.


My husband’s father was famous for going to sleep every night in his reclining chair. Acting like he was watching the television show and sometimes surprising us for really still being awake.  It was part of the tradition of the household and everyone respected it.  Little did I know that my husband would end up picking up this tradition and so it came as quite a surprise to me when his response for a birthday gift was indeed, the chair.


It has to be known that my husband asks for very little. Give him his outdoor fireplace and a deck to relax and he is a happy camper.  So, of course, when he asked for a reclining chair, I wanted to make sure that it was one that was comfortable and would last. I already had the feeling that he was emulating the behavior of his Dad and if that was the case, the chair would get some good use.


The right reclining chair has to have the ability to adjust the back to the correct level as well as the footrest extension. In his case, he didn’t want leather or even faux leather, but wanted a microfiber material. He said it would be more comfortable, kind of like sitting on a nice blanket. Given the fact that he would probably be having a drink or snacks I also knew that microfiber was easily wiped clean.


When the day came that the chair arrived I didn’t think he would be as pleased as he was. He centered it in just the right place. Took his shoes off, adjusted it and kicked back. That’s all that he wanted. That was it. He watched TV for about thirty minutes and the next time I looked around, he was asleep.

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