Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 12:49

My best friend was never a wine drinker, in fact the entire time that I knew her she always preferred beer. She and her husband actually took up making their own beer for quite some time and so I was absolutely floored when she announced that she fell in love with wine.


A lot of things change when your best friend moves away. You lose all of the updates of the many small and large things that happen in their lives that just aren’t conveyed in phone calls or emails. This was what happened when suddenly, my beer drinking friend developed into a wine connoisseur. As with everything, she didn’t just enter the world of wine, she embraced it whole heartedly.


When we finally had a chance to visit her she proudly escorted us through her collection of wines. She had domestic, French, some that had been made locally and even some from countries that I didn’t know existed. Her wine bottles were kept in the ‘spare room’ and were carefully layered on the shelves of an old bookcase.  Beside the bookcase she had a small array of various wine glasses and then proceeded to show me the correct way to ‘cork’ a bottle of wine.


It was just by chance that my best friend and I happened to get married in the same year and we often gave each other quirky little wedding gifts. It was, however, apparent to me that this year’s gift to her was going to be one that she would not only use, but greatly appreciate. I decided to get her a wine rack to replace that old bookshelf.


She didn’t have a huge collection of wine as she was perpetually buying and sharing it, so I purchased a lovely wine rack that would hold about twenty four bottles. The underside was slotted so that she could hang her glasses and on the top she could use it for entertaining with cheese and fruit.  Upon arrival, she unpacked the box and immediately called me. Her voice was incredibly excited and she said “how did you know?”  She had been looking for a wine rack for a long time and just hadn’t found one that she liked.


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