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Microwave Cart

Watching your child move out of the house can be a stressful time. Half of you is happy that they are going to become independent while the other half is yelling inside your head that they are still too young. You are trying your best not to be the overbearing mom and at the same time keeping a list of all the things they need. 


This was the case when my son left home and seeing his face I remembered how I felt when I moved away. Excited, a bit frightened, but most of all exhilarated. We gave him the usual amount of older furniture to outfit his apartment and he loaded everything in a truck and he has his best buddy drove off into the sunset.


The first number of weeks he called quite a bit, asking questions about how cable was hooked up or how to set up an automatic deduction in his checking account. Then things settled down and we checked in with each other about once a week or so. In the following months he and his best friend moved to a couple of different places, each time looking for that perfect apartment. On the last venture we all agreed that we would be heading their way and would stop in to see them. Little did we know that when we arrived they were in mid-stride of yet again packing up.


We sat down on the few pieces of furniture that remained in the place and shared an evening of pizza and beer. I looked around and saw that they had their microwave propped up on a counter, surrounded by all of their seasonings and some of their cookware. After a great visit we returned home and my son called me to let me know they had finally found just the right place and they wouldn’t be moving for a while.


As a ‘home warming gift’ I ordered him a microwave cart, with wheels, and lots of storage drawers with doors that closed.  In this way, just in case they decided to move again, it would be easily rolled, containing all of their spices and kitchenware. It was probably the best gift I ever gave him because in a year or so, they moved again.

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