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Throughout time people have appreciated the sound of running water. There is an innate sense of soothing and cleansing that we receive in the water movement and it has a calming effect on both body and soul.  Selecting the right outdoor fountain can bring an element of tranquility and peace to a patio or deck and is probably one of the best items you will ever purchase.


In days gone by we were limited to fountain styles that emulated bird baths or some kind of statue. Today’s fountains are designed for enjoyment and have an element of nature combined with art and light. The best style needs to be made of durable materials while blending with the outdoor environment and are often crafted to look like rocks or bowls. Those that have the longest lifespan are typically made of resin and fiberglass and stand up to the rigors of the climate changes.


If you have an expansive outdoor area then you can select a fountain that takes up a bigger space, but many are opting for the vertical style. These are usually set with a cascading effect for the water as it runs from one container to another. The tiered look cam be enhanced with softly lit LED lighting that will complement while not overpowering the environment.


Most of the outdoor fountains operate with standard tap water and the ‘bowls’ can have water plants floating inside or additional flowers planted around the fountain. Any water that splashes out assists in the growth of planters or flowers and helps to blend the fountain as part of the natural surroundings.


The location of your fountain is key to enjoyment and should always be placed just close enough to any outdoor furniture or recliners so that the running water can be heard by those that are seated. If you live in areas that have varying cold temperatures the outdoor fountains can be turned off and easily drained, preparing for warmer climate use.  Many will also cover the fountain along with all outdoor furniture just as an added level of protection.

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