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When we bought our home we loved the construction and the layout but knew we were in for a challenge when it came to the bathrooms and the kitchen.  It was built in the 1980’s and was complete with Formica ‘everything’ in the typical style of the day.  The hurdles that needed to be overcome meant we had to gut each of the rooms and do a complete facelift on everything.


Kitchens are fairly easy to redo as there are so many styles and we definitely wanted to replace the white with strips of wood-look, with solid kitchen cabinets. But bathrooms are a lot more personal and I had a particular decorating concept in mind for those. The master bathroom had a 72” Formica cabinet with the traditional large industrial mirror and two drab white sinks. There was no difference between this bathroom and any of the cheap hotels that you had ever been unlucky enough to get stuck in, and it had to go.


The first step was to make a decision on the color scheme and I decided that a black cabinet was absolutely required. We were doing the shower in an ash grey slate and a black cabinet would allow any complimentary colors, depending upon the mood.  Due to my husband’s habit of slamming drawers, I had paid extra to get soft closing drawers in the kitchen and I wanted the same for the bathroom. Since I make use of every possible space, I wanted to use the ‘end cap’ as a bit of shelving.


The sinks had to be unusual and while I loved the idea of ‘free standing’ I could see my husband dropping something on them and there they would go. I found the perfect look with elevated sinks that stood out over the cabinet, and yet were sturdy and strong with rectangular round edges.


The best part of all is that this set came with two matching mirrors!  Once we had everything set up I quickly removed the ghastly large mirror and when the two mirrors were hung, it was a perfect situation.  The final ‘color for the moment’ was lavender in towels and room accents and finally, we had a bathroom that we could love. 


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