Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 12:48

I suppose I should have noticed early on in our relationship that the man who would eventually become my husband was a ‘collector’. But, when you are in the first shades of blossoming love, many of those small details fade into the background. His obsession with collecting seems to have run in the family and when I look back now, I realize I really was ‘blind’ with love.


My (then) boyfriend didn’t have very much when it came to personal belongings as he shared a small house with a few other people and I really wasn’t sure which items belonged to whom. The living room in that house was set up kind of like any ‘guy house’: couches with foldup TV trays next to each one for all of their drinks and a rather crusty looking item that served for a coffee table for their snacks.


Over the years I began to recognize that my husband adored not only seeing movies, but actually owning them and their living room was typically strewn with DVD’s and covers, most of which were quite undiscernible as to the matching set. The collection and the mess seemed to have a life of its own, growing and spreading as time went by. It wasn’t until we got married that I found out all of these belonged to my husband and I had no place (or desire) to keep them.


Marriage is all about consolations and I knew that one of mine would be his DVD collection. I had managed to convince him not to bring the giant horsehead lamps that he seemed so proud of and so I was stuck with the DVD’s.  We had to come to some kind of resolution otherwise the living room mess would simply be transferred to our new home.


One of the wedding gifts that we gave ourselves was a larger, sixty inch flat screen television. It was then that I found the TV stand that answered my prayers. The shelving was created so that it could hold hundreds of DVD’s, all hidden behind doors.  We worked together, putting everything in alphabetic order and this became a total success that accommodated all of our needs.

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