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Whether you have two kids or one, there will come a time in their young lives when they will want to have bunk beds. For my son, it was because they had sleepovers and he wanted a separate place for other kids to sleep. As a parent, we were once left with only the choice of the traditional style bunk beds and then, when they outgrew them, we had to invest in a standard bed. That time has ended and I am so thankful for the L-shaped bunk bed.


Unless you had a custom set created, old school bunk beds brought little in the way of anything other than just two beds and many of the kids often thought of them as childish. Given that they were ‘kids’, they still wanted to think of a sleepover as a more mature adventure and somehow bunk beds just didn’t seem to play into that theme.


It wasn’t until I discovered the L-shaped bunk beds that I realized that this was the answer to the problem of growing kids.  The set had a lower bed that looked like a standard bed, extending out into the room. The sides and front had all kinds of nooks and shelves to hold all of their prized possessions and the very top had almost a hidden ‘loft’ style bed. The beauty of this is that it was done in a gorgeous wood that could appeal to boys or girls.  Unlike traditional bunk beds, the ladder was tucked nicely onto the side.


One look at this set and my son’s eyes lit up. He began talking about having friends over and using the shelves for their many games. After we got it, this became the highlight of the neighborhood and the kids that came over to visit badgered their parents so much that a few of the neighbors ended up buying one.


The nicest part of all is that as your child matures, they have a standard bed below that they can live with comfortably without the ‘baby look’ of a traditional bunk bed. The upper loft has a nice hideaway appeal and the soft rounded wood sides make the entire set safe.

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