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The concept of sleeping as close to the floor or on the floor on simple mats has been a tradition in Asian cultures for centuries.  The Fujian platform bed is a common bed type that is used in both China and Japan and other Asian countries. It allows for the streamlined and sleek modern look combined with the customs of the area.


One of the most popular bed styles today is the Fujian platform bed. The bed can be used as a single platform with a simple mattress or can hold a standard mattress for more comfort. Unlike Western beds, there is no need for a box spring which typically is the main cause for so many discomforts in bedding.


The low to the floor design brings an easy and comfortable feel for sleeping and rest and the typical style usually includes low night stands for each side. The single mattress has an elegant appearance when you cover it with just a fitted mattress cover. You can use a comforter or throw for a layered look.


The simplistic design is what Asian artistry has always been about and the Fujian platform bed brings a modern touch for a minimalist appeal. It makes a contemporary furniture statement for today’s existence, allowing a reduction of the stress to melt away.  Many add a waterfall fountain along with candles for a place to meditate and then fall gently into sleep.


The era of the bulky overburdened bedroom sets have been replaced with an area that can be both restful and a place of solace. A Fujian platform bed transforms the bedroom into a location for escape, to relax and watch television, read or just to enjoy. The wooden construction is perfect for a standard home and since it can be easily disassembled is great for a college dorm or apartment. The best part is that it is available in many standard bed sizes so an existing mattress can fit perfectly. The Western world is now discovering what Asian cultures have known for so long, and are adopting the Fujian platform bed to achieve the very best benefits of a good night’s rest.


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