Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 12:48

My mother was in love with 1960’s style furniture. During that time, everything had sharp angled corners and was very squared and rectangular.  The era was also known for two-tone and even three-tone wood designs and our house could have been an example in a magazine for that era. While furniture styles have changed a lot, it seems that the retro look of the 1960’s is coming back into fashion.


Whether it’s clothes, jewelry or furniture, the vintage appeal of the 60’s is back again. Hippy style clothes is making a reappearance with free flowing tops and dresses and head bandanas. On the furniture side, the multi-layered coffee table is showing up again in the typical smaller layer at the top either centered or to one-side. If you see it now you would think it was designed for a flat screen television, but in the 1960’s it would have held a favorite vase of flowers, picture frames or a piece of art work.


Multiple tones typically were in a lighter and darker shade of wood and today they have taken that attitude with extreme dark complimented with a much lighter color. The contrast is brilliant and attracts the eye immediately.  Thanks to our technology driven society, there is more of a purpose for the multiple layers for both television and storage and the sleek designs have been ever so slightly softened with more rounded corners.


For those that want a touch of ‘glass’, frosted glass is back and there has been a resurgence in interior decorating of the “California glass’ cubes that were so popular at one time. No longer considered retro, this has entered the décor of the modern and both styles are seen in walls, furniture and even fountains.  Since many households now have a family room where they have an entertainment center, the look is combined so that it brings furniture and wall designs together.


In days gone by it was sometimes thought to replace furniture and upgrade, but it seems that today it is exactly the opposite. Most people are hanging onto their own personal choices, no matter what next year’s designs might bring. After all, it will eventually come back in style.

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