If you have a family, you know that you experience the dread of each new cold and flu season. While you might constantly remind everyone to wash their hands and use the sanitizers, kids are not known for being the most hygienic and before you know it, everyone is getting sick. No one needs to remind you of the amount of time, effort and money that is wasted by catching a cold, but one of the easiest things you can do is to reduce the odds is to get a hands-free trash can.


Germs and viruses love moist locations and the kitchen and bathrooms are two of the places where colds and flu can spread quickly. There are a number of studies that have shown that trash cans, door knobs and faucet handles have high percentages of germs and viruses along with grocery store shopping carts. While you can use an antiseptic wipe at the store, you risk the chances of ridicule if you try this at home on to much of a regular basis.


The best method of reducing the spread of colds and the flu is to have a few locations in the house where you can place antiseptic wipes and encourage that the family members use them. Of course, once they do, they will go into a trash can and this is where the hands-free trash can comes into play.  They have an infrared sensor that opens when your hands get near and allows you to drop the trash into the container.  Typically, the door will open when your hand is at a distance of around six inches and will automatically shut once the sensor detects the absence of your hand.


The beauty of the hands-free trash can is that it is a larger size to allow the standard trash bag with a retainer ring to hold the bag and also offers the option to be operated manually. If there are items that are bigger than normal waste, the opening is large enough to accommodate them. Removal of the trash bag is easily accomplished with the stress free design. Each action that you take to try to reduce the spread of germs and viruses is well worth the investment.



Apartment or small home living can be an intense challenge. Especially if you have been used to living in more a more spacious environment. But changing to a reduced space also requires that you make a change in the way that you view your lifestyle and this can be done with just a bit of planning.


The first thing that you need to have as a priority is the understanding that nothing can take up wasted space. This means that all of those items that you used to have laying around will no longer have a place.  The best method to approach smaller living is to make sure that each item is carefully selected with the idea that it has to be multi-purpose.


When it comes to furniture, a dining room table with leaves that fold down to a smaller size or even a coffee table that has lower shelves underneath will become your best friends. Anything like an end table or hassock needs to be able to have a storage area.  Another hint is to see if you can get items with rollers. This will give you the ability to move furniture around easily in case of guests or if you need to change the actual use of the item.  


Instead of hanging those favorite pictures and prints on the walls, you will want to consider shelving and bookcases. There are a variety of shapes and sizes that fit any decorating trend and they can be used for books as well as favorite items. Since you can’t spread out, make use of taller items and go up. Vertical decorating gives you added space.


Closet and linen areas are two of the biggest hurdles to overcome because there usually isn’t much room for anything. For clothes, you definitely need to look into the vacuum bags for any of your wardrobe that much. These can be sweaters, jackets, and many of the larger and bulkier items.  Linens are a different ‘beast’ and it is all in the folding and the organizing. Experiment for tri-folding and keeping the bedclothes in a neat and orderly fashion on the shelves. It may sound silly, but you will find that you can fit more on the shelves that way.

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